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South Asia face big lackage of Power electricity suppliment

The lackage electricity of Pakistan is 30%

Reported by International eletrcity network.

According the planning commision of Pakistan, The lackage of Pakistan is 30%(4MKW). The Installed capacity of Pakistan is 21MKW( Water plant 6.8MKW, Thermal power 14MKW, Nuclear power 0.5MKW), The virtual electricity is 15.3MKW, the lackage is 4MW.

Meanwhile, The other countries of Southasia also face the same problem. The lackage of India is 14%, Bangladesh is 25%, Srilanka is 37%, Nepal is 92%. only The Kingdom of Bhutan can meet its demand and export electricity, the income of electricity has occupation ratio of its 45% the annual income.

Pakistan import 4MW, India 120KW, Nepal 0.63MW.



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