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Xiangjie gas generator group works to help you better use the generator set

Gas Generator Set contains: engine, generator, controller, there is the choice of device regulator filtration devices, gas-liquid separation device, engine and generator coaxial connection, and placed in the machine chassis, then the muffler and tunethe speed detector connected to the engine by the gas source to pass into the gas passage within the engine, the recoil starter is connected on the engine Drawcord and connected to the generator output terminal of the voltage regulator. The built-in amp gas source combustible gas is natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas, or biogas.
        Gas Generator Set filter device used to protect the gas line valve, filter pore size should be less than 1.5MM.
        Gas regulator filtration devices is the process of gas transmission and distribution of gas generator sets and key equipment, is mainly responsible for the function of the regulator and the regulator, but also bear the filter, one or more functions of metering, plus smelly gas distribution.
         Generator sets how column groups such as valve configuration independent regulator valve to the front of the air intake should be configured independent of the filter device, to avoid clogging the trachea within the regulator valve.

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