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current situation and prospects for the development of the lighting industry in China

A long history dating back more than the advent of lighting products, but not a long time to develop as an industry. The lighting industry has been in the direction of the scale, brand development. The more well-known brands in the worldwide Philips, Osram, GE, Panasonic and others. In recent years, the share of sales of these enterprises accounted for 40-60% of the global lighting market.
China's lighting industry scale
  China's rapid economic development and the formation of the global processing and manufacturing center, to the lighting industry development opportunities, also accompanied by increasingly fierce competition. To the end of February 2009, the lighting industry for more than 2963 companies, small businesses accounted for nearly 90% of the proportion of large enterprises is only 15. Although the number of firms but limited reach-scale production of electric light companies, the smaller proportion of large-scale production of the lighting business, unable to generate economies of scale. The lighting industry, large and dispersed, low industrial concentration, the whole industry is not more than 1% of a company's market share. In lighting technology is highly developed, the format is quite mature in developed countries such as Germany, the United States and Japan, the entire lighting industry after several strong corporate integrated industry, 2 - 3 controls more than 95% of the country's market share, industry concentration is very high.
Lighting companies in China
  Becoming more international and domestic market competition, internationally renowned brand with its accumulated over the years in the high-end technology and brand advantages, after several years of running, as well as the understanding of the Chinese market has entered a period of steady development occupies a very high-end products in the domestic market large proportion. Funded enterprises are mostly targeted at the low-end market with its price and service advantages. With the evolution of the competitive phase of the lighting industry, the international giant, or whether entrenched in the high-end market, the domestic brands in the low-end market, can not occupy too much market share. As the two bases of the lighting industry in China, the Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta region, accounted for 70% of the total proportion of the industry. But industry base construction is lagging behind the industrial clusters scale collaboration can not be successfully implemented.
The recent development of the lighting industry forecast
  Development has been somewhat limited by the influence of the national macro-control, real estate, building materials and other industries since 2008, the lighting industry, upstream and downstream industries as these industries were affected. The outbreak of the financial crisis is the development of the industry environment and market demand caused a huge impact, to some extent, to promote the industry reshuffle. Huge amounts of money to deal with the financial crisis, the state introduced the policy of stimulating domestic demand, 4000000000000 nearly half of the investment for the construction of highways, railways and other infrastructure, and a considerable proportion of the restoration and reconstruction of the quake-hit rural infrastructure, affordable The housing project, is expected to provide a vast market for the field of engineering lighting. Light industry revitalization plan proposed the establishment of the lighting industry industrial upgrading special. With the investment allocation in place and industrial revitalization related to the formulation of the rules and the gradual implementation of the industry's existing market competition is bound to further change. Industry experts expect that the next 3-5 years, the lighting industry in China will be more energy-efficient, environmentally friendly, highly integrated, centralized trends.
Mobile light tower


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