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Generator sets brand Daquan introduced

etone generator sets will be detailed introduced the world famous generator set to help people better understand the advisory information in this regard.
1, American Cummins Cummins generator
Cummins Engine Company was founded in 1919, mainly produces power generation equipment, industrial and automotive industries engines. Cummins of the leading companies in the world diesel engine technology, and always is the largest manufacturer of more than 200 horsepower diesel engine and a 50 horsepower diesel engine manufacturers. Its products with superior performance, excellent quality, reasonable price, loyal service throughout the world, has already developed into one of the 500 famous multinational company.
UK Perkins Perkins generator
1932 Perkins Perkins is one of the world's first company of the company's production of generator sets. Engine for the production of diesel and natural gas as a fuel for its economy, reliability and durability advantages Among the industries, extensive promotion and application. Such as automobiles, engineering machinery, agricultural machinery, industrial generator sets and ship. The product has 100,3.152,4.236,1000,1300,2000,3000 and 4000 series. 2000 and 3000 Series from the world-renowned, and one of the most authoritative in the field of mechanical power Britain ROLLS-ROYCE (Rolls-Royce) the company's design and manufacturing.
3, Sweden Regal VOLVO generator
A 120 years history of the multinational giant enterprises, ranks 500 in the world a Swedish enterprise, specializing in heavy machinery, trucks, cars, ships and manufacturing. From the first production of heavy-duty trucks to one of the world's three major luxury sedan Volvo, from 100,000 tons of oil tankers to the world-famous VOLVO-PENTA diesel engine, heavy dynamic fields have been witnessed VOLVO-PENTA elegance. Today, the combination of the world's best power engineers of excellence inspired VOLVO-PENTA engine has become synonymous with top international diesel engine. Indicators of its high-performance, high-reliability, environmental protection, low noise, easy installation, good plateau adaptability characteristics industry respected highly in the application.
4, South Korea's Daewoo Hyunju generator
Daewoo Heavy Machinery was established in 1973, initially called the Korean Kikai Seisakusho, after the development of the machinery industry in Korea has been led by leading enterprises, has now become the largest machinery company in Korea. Through the technology, the quality of reforms, improve product competitiveness, solid status of a world-class heavy industry enterprises. Built in 1975, was Asia's largest engine engine machinery manufacturing factory and start production of the engine, and signed a series of technical agreement with MAN of Germany and Japan's Isuzu, producing a full range of domestic and international users. The company's products are based on the strict, standardized quality assurance system, passed the ISO9000, ISO14000 and other international certification, providing the world's highest level of products and services in the field of heavy construction equipment, industrial vehicles, machine tools, self-oriented system operating
5, Japan Mitsubishi MITSUBISHI generator
Starting from the day of its founding in 1917, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries continues to capacity development and create various types of diesel engines from 0.5 hp to 56.400 horsepower to meet the general purpose and professional use, "believe tomorrow" Mitsubishi Heavy Industries of corporate thinking , is based on the company's advanced technology to improve the lives of all. Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, with its diesel engine Mitsubishi Aerospace Science and Technology, Mitsubishi Nuclear Energy Technology, Mitsubishi military equipment, like a representative of the advanced technology of the era, and its remarkable quality is the guarantee of the trust of users.
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